the talking parrot named Einstein

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  1. Now i feel like i GOTTA HAVE THAT PARROT… it’s got to be mine, one way or another. xD

  2. I’d say her fist was closed tight because she was holding the treat, and perhaps she grabbed more than one from her pocket so she put the others back in? Just my opinion.

  3. If it was a treat than why does she put it back in her pocket and why is her fist closed so tight

  4. Looked like she put a treat in her mouth at the end, so I’m guessing it was a treat.

  5. What’s Justin Bieber got to do with dis he’s just a gay fag with no dick life and sings like a 10 yr old girl.

  6. What does she take out of her back pocket at 0:02, why is her right hand closed the whole time, what does she put back in her back pocket at 3:01?????

  7. I love african gray had one my self he was grrat i miss him!! THEY can reach the knowledge of a five yeat old kid!!

  8. OMG!! Thats SO cute and amazing! Thumbs up if you had your mouth wide open the whole time like me 😀

  9. Hahaha parrots have 4 vocal chords, so they have a very expansive range and can make noises that went cant even make. lol

  10. This is SUPER CUTE!! ^^ I love it the bird is cute and super smart! 🙂

  11. this is the most stupid coment ive ever read.
    this parrot is probably 500% smarter than you

  12. this parrot is amazing at sound effects an animal nosies i love einstein!!!!!!!!!