The Wild Parrots of Edgewater, NJ

Wild Quaker Parrot video introduces you to New Jersey’s amazing flock of wild Quaker Parrots. Shot by Steve Baldwin of, this footage is g…

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  1. They’re funny, smart, curious, and adorable little birds. They have a TON of personality in a very tiny birdy =)

  2. Woman from my office saw a flock of them fly by today! She thought she was crazy and had to look into it…low and behold she’s not crazy!

  3. yeah i seen a few all around jersey. just the other day i saw a deer in Elizabeth.

  4. i wish i could release some of them in arkansas….if they can survive up north then they can survive down south.

  5. No , it is not a mystery.They broke out of a shipping crate coming into Kennedy International Airport (Idlewild) stayed together as a flock and bred and built shelter and bred some more and spread their range. It started in 1968.
    Tom Loughlin Jr.-human owned by
    Teebird Loughlin , Quaker Supreme.

  6. I had a quaker parrot they are so cute mine was named pippi after jess the american girls qualer parrot. It was mad though it refused to learn english and only would listen to spanish lol

  7. My goodness, they’re so adorable! We actually have a colony or two of these little fellows in Sea Brook, Texas.

  8. too bad.. they kill it by the thousands in argentina bec. they are agricultural pests there….

  9. Yep they are beautiful, but sooner or later its gonna be like that movie called the BIRDS!!~ They gonna start tearing asses apart!!~

  10. damm i wish i lived in a place like that i woulda tried to catch one ….. i used to have a quaker parrot too…

  11. En España: Barcelona, Mallorca o Malaga, entre otras localizaciones, albergan ya unas cuantas colonias de esta plaga. Cotorras Argentinas.

    Excelent Video. Muy bueno


  12. check it out..i lived in edgewater 12 years ago. Just when I moved in the Pet Shop down the street closed..rumor was they let all the bird free including some parrots..anyway next thing I know the tree across the street has about 6 of them parrots..They made it that winter and 3 years later, the tree was full of them. That’s when I moved. But I saw them when they first came and I’m glad they made it…Peace to Antonio’s Pizza on Rt. 5

  13. Hahah. Parrots know that New Jersey is great! I’d rather see them free. They seem pretty happy, but I would worry about their nourishment. I hope someone puts out fresh fruit or veggies for them once in a while.

  14. My quaker parrot is watching this video right now. He’s making a lot of noise in my ear… Seems to be his favorite! hehe.

  15. remind me next time i’m terraforming a planet to bring a couple of THESE along..

  16. It would not be advisable to do this because the birds you will buy would be domesticated & totally dependant on humans to feed & care for them. It’s also a bad thing to introduce a non-native species into the wild, as they can overrun & kill off other species. Just get one as a pet & be delighted with how smart & beautiful they are, or get a pair & breed them yourself (but not too often, as you will not get rich selling them!) These NY/NJ birds are still a mystery as to how they got here.

  17. Hehe, you’ll be surprised to find out how L-O-U-D this birds are! The park with the large tree is at the corner of Rt.5 and River Road in Edgewater… Be sure to grab a canoli at the Italian Bakery across the street, hmmm good! 🙂

  18. i live in a town nearby edgewater which these parrots inhabit as well. supposedly they have mated with pigeons and have adapted to live through the winters, i beleive it all started when a guy released his parrots back in the70s

  19. I had a quaker, it broke out of its cage and flew away and 3 days later it flew into my neighbors house and i got it back 🙂 This was during a harsh chicago winter too.

  20. i hope the good kind neighbors help out and feed them during winter months with bird food with all the seeds around i think they do good people still left in this world

  21. i think its cruel that they put those spikes up there , the birds have to live somewhere’s they have a right to live on this planet too you know

  22. Just a few years ago they were no where to be found, This is pretty recent and quick. Rumor has it that a bunch escaped from an Edgewater pet shop not to long ago and managed to survive the winter. Soon after the population exploded. Now i see them in the neighboring towns.

  23. A heads up to everyone. Quaker parrots are one of the hardiest little parrots in the world.. They will can and do survive some of the worst wheather conditions!

  24. yea it iz cold..
    but they migrate. ive seen others hide under a shilde

  25. i have a quaker parrot and her name is Juliet. this is her favorite video! she likes to sit on my shoulder and watch and chatter along with everyone else!