Top 10 Amazing and Talking Birds Species

Hello birds lover. We made a new video for you. This video about best talking 10 birds. These birds usually are parrots. But some of them are different bird species..

Top 10 talking birds list:
9-Monk Parakeet
8-Blue-Fronted Amazon
7-Indian Ringneck
5-Yellow-Crowned Amazon
4-Double Yellow Head Amazon
3-Hill Myna
2-Yellow-Naped Amazon
1-African Grey

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  1. Sadly it's difficult to get Indian ring neck as it is banned in India . I think you can get it by breeder .Government has banned capture of bird wildlife in India

  2. African Greys may be the smartest, but Double Yellows are the best talkers.

  3. I think the hill mynah should be #1. They can mimic identical to human voices with no bird accent unlike any other parrots that you know it's a bird talking.

  4. These are just parrots. You never mentioned a raven or any other non parrot bird

  5. I would put the African Ringneck parakeet instead of the indian one, because they are more docile and friendly, and are more likely to talk than their Indian counterpart

  6. African Greys are NOT social birds! They only are friendly with their owner and do not like others! My mother had one and raised him then she met my dad. The bird attacked him multiple times. Then my mother had my sister and it almost bit off her finger! Don't say you were not warned!