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If any question ask me I will help you Here are all the training tips and tricks to train your parrot simple methods Tip of the Day How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk? The right time of day to take advantage of his natural instincts to talk, making your job effortless… How to use audio tapes and CDs that develop your champion into a “public speaker” (yes, there is a proper way)… Discover the exact length of time you should let your parrot listen to recordings (too much can be counterproductive)… Tell within seconds which words your parrot will always resist saying — crucial for saving your time by picking the words he wants to say! (Not too many bird trainers know this)… ||| Subscribe Us ||| —-| Bird Expert-P |—-

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  1. I just got an Indian ring neck today he is very scared and as soon as I go close to the cage he starts flying around and getting all nervous …I really Want to get him use to me … pleas help? ? Shoyldbi get his wings cut now? ?? And then what do I do pleas help email at

  2. Female Indian Ringnecks do not get a ring; however, a slight green ring can be seen around the female’s neck. Female ringnecks are much stockier and have thicker feet. Their face is more rounded and their beak is not as prominent.this is still not 100 percent accurate. Obviously, this parrot was given the name Rose-ringned Parakeet and Indian Ringneck due the male’s ring around the neck and it appears after 3 years.

  3. Hi
    First of all if your parrot speaks some words like u told me above the he can speak mian mitho and whistles. If his age is above than 1/5 year he will not learn any new words because now his learning capability is too low if you buy a new parrot a baby parrot he can learn up to 15 to 20 words with just repeating the same word. But your parrot can’t learn any more if you tried hard its totally useless unless you buy a new parrot.

  4. i got this parrot a month ago but dont kno his age no ringneck is visible except for a greenish line the only words he can speak is mian mitho n whistles hes not learning any new word i trimmed his wings a bit but he doesnt like coming out of his cage n always tries to bite my fingers wen i m putting his food in the cage now he eats his food from my hands but he still tries to bite………plzzzz help me in teaching him new words n being friendly wid me n how can i kno his age

  5. is that a male ringneck?why is it that it’s black ring is not visible yet?any clues in what age its black ring is visible?tnx 

  6. You don’t give much information about your ringneck. How old is it? Is it a hand reared bird? Are you his first owner? It is very important not to ‘reinforce’ your birds behaviour when it bites you. For example, do you scream or shout, or act nervously when going to feed your bird? If you do any of these things, your bird could see this as great fun, and just the sort of reaction it likes!! When you offer your bird the food, if it bites you,

  7. Hi parrot 8 months ..hand tame from one month ..i try to talk with him a lot but he just talking sound like others ringneck i have .
    so please what i do to get him talking like me . thanks

  8. my parrot keep biting me if i try to make it step up what shud i do