Trained cockatiel free flight

My cockatiels enjoy their wings flying outside around the house.

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  1. I love if pet birds fly in the nature and enjoying,
    Its cute sweet especially if they're in tree, really nice cute

  2. how does one train them like that? i'd love to be able to let my tiel free flight but im too scared that she would just fly away. thats why first i want a harness so i can walk with her outside my house sometimes so she can know what it looks like outside so if i ever let her free flight or she somehow escapes i can pray she comes back

  3. Be sure you're not in an area where small hawks catch birds. I've seen that happen even in urban environments.

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  5. Is that cockatiel overweight? Does anyone know if that weight is normal for a cockatiel?

  6. How come the one on the left was so big? Besides it’s puffed up feathers that is

  7. That's amazing!😄 I wish I could do this but I live by a forrest and there are huge birds out in the day and Owls at night. I don't trust the area I'm in so much 😅