Tui the African Grey Parrot Talking and having conversation while in her cage

Tui my grey parrot never really stops talking, The following is just 10 min’s of her the talking parrot bird, having a conversation with herself in her cage while I was out.

For those interested in training your parrot the right way, I can not recommend highly enough the book by Barbara here

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  1. Tui was such an awesome bird.. its unbelievable how well she talked and how much she knew…Tui is one of the best greys Ive ever seen.. I do hope someone has her instead of thinking something bad happened to her when she flew off.. but those people who do have her would be rotten for not letting the owner who had her for years and who taught her everything she knows, that Tui was alright.. I sure miss you Tui…….

  2. Teach your bird to say your name or permanent email and associate it with one of his favorite foods. Mine likes cheez-its. I taught him to say my name whenever I gave him a cheezit. Hopefully if he ever gets lost, someone will give him a cheez it or he will ask for a cheezit by telling them my name. It's hard to get the to learn stuff like that, took me a while. but you can do it. It may save your birds life. 

  3. i also give tui props cause i never shut up either.. lol.. but im texan .. its genetic

  4. its funny how tui is really patient and polite int he cage.. animals are really smart. my bird does tricks so i will open his cage in the morning

  5. hey can talk almost when they are born.
    ok like a couple of months.
    i got one he is 26 years he can say many stuff… and dance

  6. what a cutie! tui is great, andrew call me, you know my number if i don't answer live a messege. you trained Tui very good.

  7. she sounds just like you Andrew…Kiwi accent and all LOL! I just adore this bird..wish I lived closer so I could visit her 🙂

  8. LOL Jabba LOVES music. He starts dancing and just doesn't know which part of his body he wants to move first.

    I can't wait to see Tui dancing!

  9. I love Jabba dancing, truly puts Tui to shame, so we will work on better moves lol. I will put him on the telly for Tui over the next few days

  10. LOL Thanks for the new video! My boyfriend and I love listening to Tui. I hope you know that halfway across the world in the States the two of us have running jokes between us of saying "shhhure" and whispering "shhh, quiet". 🙂

  11. My Jabba does his best talking in his cage too! He talks to himself all the time. He makes wonderful company. Tui must do the same for you!