TV for Cats – Beautiful Little Birds

Cat TV or TV for Cats – Beautiful Little Birds Coming and Going

Tehidy March 10th 2017 B

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on March 10th 2017

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  1. My cat actually react to this video 😀 +1 Thumbs Up +1 subcriber

  2. Какие милые птички!) Поползень как хорош!)))
    Благодарю за видео, Пол!

  3. Hello Paul. Thank you for your anwser. Koumaï, my cat, and me love your videos👍😍😻. They are beautiful! Thank you very much, Paul.😘
    Cath.(me) and koumaï (my cat)

  4. Merci Paul! Jolie vidéo! Très beaux oiseaux, et chants! Mon chat va apprécier autant que moi. "ronrons" de Koumaï 😼et bises de moi😘