Two Adorable Talking Parrots Have Conversation

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  1. This is the 'cutest' and most adorable video I have ever seen…I can't stop watching it.

  2. I've never seen parrots like that before—what are they? Also, they're hilarious!

  3. 'looks like poop',
    'It's really funny pee poop'
    'What's your favourite food?'
    'coo coo coo coo'
    kiss kiss kiss

  4. "What's your favorite, favorite food.  I wanna poop.  My favorite food is a carrot." I love them.

  5. 0:13 I just love how the parrot on the right goes head straight and says like no one's business "*I wanneh poop*".

  6. After :07 What's your favorite food!? I got the last words as the birds touch beaks were "I don't know." Because the human interrupted them.


  7. these are wild all over london now. you can hand feed them in hyde park! SO sweet.