Welcome back to Bird Tameness. FINALLY !
This is so far one of our BIGGEST Projects ! The passionate team and Professional bird trainer, Parrot Whisperer have been working extremely diligently for the past 7 days, 11-15 hours per day to make this happen in a short amount of time! Like this video to support our mission of raising awareness for animals globally !

Due to high demand for Bird Training Equipment, and questions on where to buy pet supplies from, Bird Tameness decided to launch their very own Pet Supplies store based on the idea of offering a variety of quality pet supplies at a much lower rate than any local pet store or online bird store with FREE Shipping Worldwide and that is due to our partnership with several groups of passionate and experienced online Bird Suppliers

No more flushing hundreds of dollars on over-priced bird toys and supplies from your local bird store or on fake replicas online !

Also, if everything works out as planned, by the end of the month we plan to have about 80 products in our Bird Tameness Pet Supplies store and in a few months we will be releasing Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Hamster Supplies and so many more !

Visit https://birdtamenessshop.com

Use the discount code “10DISCOUNT” and redeem it while checking out.

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  1. Do you carry the Easter or Ester270 flight bird cages I am seriously looking for one

  2. I am looking for a cage that will hold two buggies but I want it to have two bottom removable Trey's for easy cleaning one large Trey is not really practical for me. I saw this set up in a video I really like the cage can you help me

  3. What do I do I have a one adult budgie and one baby budgie I want to tame them but idk how to they are scared of spray millet plz help

  4. I NEED YOUR HELP! I purchased a lutino cockatiel and its previouse owner said they thought it was a year old. when I got there I knew straight away it had been neglected and i couldnt leave it there, it had a cage that was probably to small for even a budgie and it had one perch with no toys. I had to take it out of the cage and put it in the box because they were too scared. they also claimed it started to whistle which was obviously a huge lie. It is honestly the most frightened bird I have seen. i dont know what went on with the other owners but it is scared for me to even put my hand in the cage. it is eat if and drinking but it won't let me go near him. I have kept so many birds before , as I live on a farm, yet they all let me step up on the first day and from what I heard, cockatiels were a lot more friendlier than budgies. I could do with a few tips or even a list of things to do to try and tame it because I am really struggling and it is such a beutifull bird.

    thanks, Seth!

  5. Yea!! Great job👍 wonderful news !! All your hard work has paid off ! Thank you!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😉

  6. #ParrotWhisperer
    Thanks so much for helping me with my 1st Conure over a year ago – she turned out to be a WONDERFUL bird and I lover her very much. Thanks to you and all your help, she steps up reliably, loves to cuddle, does many tricks (such as turn around, fly recall, give kisses etc. etc.), and is just a true joy to have! She even learned how to talk and says "Do you have yummy" and "I love you" all day long lol I even have proof of her wonderful progress on my channel (she now has a buddy named "Jupiter" who is also turning out GREAT , thanks to your videos!!!). THANK YOU!!!!

  7. I just clicked on the link and I must say that your little shop has some GREAT bird toys and stuff! 👍

  8. You have been very helpful with my Amazon, thank you. But in my humble and respectful openion you tend to go on a little to much. Don't need a history on how you get to this point or to thank each person that had input. Get on with it man! IE: this is what we are doing, this is why, this is how you can participate – done. Very happy about the new project, sounds wonderful. Good luck with it!

  9. thank you so much because you didi not have to do this but you did it for the bird lovers i am willing to let my mom know about this store because i am getting a bird for my birthday which is in may so thank you and that little wooden house is so cool i am gonna ask my mom to buy it

  10. Omg ,gonna buy too ❤everything looks amazing and i already saw a few things that we are not having in the pet stores from here..and im on the other side of the planet 😂…will you add some parrot carriers?

  11. Can you please make a video on how to care for a baby conure
    like between how many hours they need to eat like every 1 hour or 2 or idk how many and also what they need to eat and what there habitat is while they are helpless babies and how to teach them how to fly and things like that just care facts

    if u agree leave a like

  12. hi PW I watched your live QnA and you said that you were gonna show us all your birds. when are you gonna do that?

  13. hello bird tameness welcome back i need help with my budgie i did tame him wrong but he eats spray millet things i hold but if its in my palm he will just step up and fly away he just has a bit of trust in the cage all the other parakeets will freak out he freaks out a bit and will not want to come out i have a feeling he is hesitated please make a video about this video by the way every video i watch is worth my time thank you

  14. Hello, I have a cockatiel who is quite wonderful and affectionate however she is losing tail feathers and I am not sure why.

  15. I hope you can help me with some advice
    I have just adopted an African Grey parrot I think he is about 8 years old
    I think he is cage bound gets very upset when he is off his cage and is very aggressive
    Would a change of cage help or would it make things worse
    I think he has been left in a corner and ignored
    Any advice would be a great help