Very Talkative Parrot

Talking African Gray, goes through a list of phrases.

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  1. They pluck there feathers for the season. They will pluck them in the spring to grow springs feathers and pluck them to grown winter feathers also. It’s called malting

  2. Yes you are right in the same way you are wrong. They pluck there feathers in the seasons to grow there feathers for the feathers. Its called Malting and yes they do pluck there feathers for depression also.

  3. it plucks them, which is a sign of depression and anxiety in birds

  4. he sounds like StrongSad form homestarrunner’s website… am i the only one that hears it?

  5. mm I think the bird got mixed up thinking he was a cat in some parts. lol.

  6. I have a rescue Grey who still feather picks. She’s much better now though. How old is your bird. When did the feather picling start? I’m using palm oil to hekp condition her coat.

  7. Goes to show you gotta be careful what you say around these birds…LOL

  8. I took care of an african grey for a bit, but had to give him back because he kept teasing my dog and conure and calling my friend inappropriate names.

  9. o my goodness , i hav exams bt im just stuck watching videos of talking parotts …!!1

  10. aliss where are you going…..UP STAIRS TAKE A BATH xD hahahahaha what a legend!!!!!!!!

  11. “frankly scarlet ..Idon’t give a damn!” love it my mom inherited one from a man who was in her words a “crochety” old man and he says all kinds of nifty not so nice words and phrases but i think my favorite two things he does is when he counts to four then starts sining “row row row your boat” and always gets every one sining it just to hear it again

  12. As others have said, it’s quite unique to hear such clear speech in one of these videos. I was beginning to feel that MY African Grey was more special because I felt mine spoke clearer than most I’ve watched. So while I now feel I have company I can also say that this little guy easily beats mine. What a joy 🙂

  13. la dee Freakin’ da!

    I’m smart, I’m pretty… Good Dog~!!

  14. goodness i bet he wishes he has a bird friend 🙁 If they weren’t so endangered I think it would be barbaric to keep them in cages. But its a beautiful cagae and you’re clearly good bird parents 😀

  15. this african grey scares the shyt out of me………ive never heard one speak SO clearly before….FUK PLANET OF THE APES ITS ALL BOUT THE GREYS, RUN FOR yOUR LIVES

  16. u hear scientists say -then people learnt to speak and everything changed. really? its not about talking its about understanding.i feel its most mysterious than scientists say

  17. @dontbannme2540 Haha, I just imagined this and now I can’t stop laughing..

  18. we have an african grey and she has never plucked and she doesnt have an companion…we had 2 once…bad idea…they had screaming competitions….very loud!!!