Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds in The Secret Garden

Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds in The Secret Garden

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed on November 17th 2017

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  1. I simply love this video. Cats are the best! I have a backpacking kitty!

  2. My cat has never noticed when I've played one of these "video catnips" for her. Until now. She sat up on the couch, then jumped up on the chair to get a closer look, and when a bird flew out of view, she followed it. She looked at me and meowed. I think she likes it. 😉

  3. No cats, just birdwatchers here, but love your video. Could you please share which birds these are as they are very different to the ones we have here? Thank you for posting. Have a wonderful fall.

  4. Lovely video — Interesting watching the little beautiful birds looking hungry and enjoying the sunflower hearts. Guess the birds must be very grateful to you, Paul. Thank you for sharing the beautiful video.

  5. I have to say thank you for these great bird videos. Not only do my cats love them, but I also volunteer at a cat shelter and these videos help me score massive points with some of our more skittish residents. Matter of fact, there's one in particular who follows me around until I power up BirdTV on my mobile device. Your videos are beautiful and exactly what cats want, less music and actual sounds. Thank you!