Videos for Cats to Watch – Squirrels and Birds Spectacular

Videos for Cats to Watch – Squirrels and Birds Spectacular

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in June 2017

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  1. My cat loves it!! He never liked playing video games, but he loves all your videos! It was so cute watching him touching the screen :'D and trying to figure out if the animals were hiding behind my laptop or not hahahah!

  2. I was really skeptical and put it on as a joke but my cat actually layed down and watched the video. I'm shocked

  3. The best videos of your channel are when squirrels go in. Lovely, sweet and magical animal. Thanks Paul, I relax looking your nature videos after work.

  4. Thant you Paul 😉. My cat has wanted to play with the sqirrel, but he didn't understand why he could not… He has looked for him behin my computer… He is too funny, lol.😊.
    Bises à toi Paul😘
    I hope, i don't make mamy mistakes. I am medium in english but i will try to be better.