Watch: Perdue Workers Caught on Hidden Camera Stomping Birds to Death

A new Mercy For Animals investigation into Perdue Farms—one of the largest poultry producers in the United States—has uncovered sickening cruelty to animals, including birds being violently kicked, thrown against walls, and stomped to death by sadistic workers. Learn more and take action at

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  1. Perdue hires filthy human trash. As the moron steps on the doomed chickens, I'm picturing in my head that it is his grand mother. These morons obviously have no home training, nor religion. Sick morons.

  2. Well, it is pretty clear that if we all want to stop this permanently as soon as possible, stop buying and eating chicken and other related products. Taking away the revenues of "companies" like Perdue is the one and only way. "Starve" them away economically and financially so to speak , no pun intended.

  3. MercyforAnimals perdue is better quality then other chickens and this is not their fault they do not know what their employees are doing to the chickens if they were watching them this what of never happened because their meat is good quality if its Tyson they do not care but I think predue cares more then what Tyson would care about

  4. Please stop eating at KFC resturant 'cause of this video

  5. I'd like to downvote this, simply because it's horrifying. Thank you for releasing and holding them accountable! I hope you stay on Perdue's ass throughout this investigation!!!

  6. Why would you eat something somebody stepped on?

  7. No matter how bad your pay is or reason, There is no excuse for this cruelty.