what a macaw eats part 1

Mshorselover8 requested a vid a while ago (sorry about the delay! ^.^;) about what I feed my macaw.

Part one covers his staple diet. Part two covers treats and fresh foods that we usually give him.

For the list of items I mention for a day’s worth of food:

Pellets: I use ZuPreen, veggie and fruit flavoured. Runs about $30 for both bags which last 4 months. He gets a small handful of the veggie pellets and half of that of the fruit flavour.

Dry fruit and nuts (I buy these in bulk at the grocery store so that I can get small amounts):
1 tb. raw Spanish peanuts (I try to buy locally grown and organic if possible. Ask your grocer if they don’t post it). I buy 1lb and it lasts a month or two. Haven’t tracked these yet.

1 tb. fruit and nut mix.

My fruit and nut mix changes based on what I remember to buy to restock the stash, but it can include:

dried pineapple
banana chips
raw cashews
dried papaya and cantaloup spears
dried apricot
dried pear
raw pumpkin seeds
coconut flakes
brazil nuts
dried mango

Don’t let the bulk price per pound scare you away from buying these! The most expensive item on the list are the raw cashews at $6 something a pound, but mostly because I buy close to a pound each time. Everything else, because I’m only buying handful amounts to cut up and mix in, really only comes out to .20 and $1 something an item.

The full jar of mix that you see in the vid lasts about a month or two. Haven’t tracked this either, but I’ll approximate it this round and update the info here when it’s done.

So total cost: round it to about $50-$60 for 4 month’s worth of staple food (haven’t mentioned treats yet!). So approximating 30 days in a month, at $60 for 4 months, it’s about .50 a day.

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