What is it like to own a Caique Parrot?

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  1. very strange.
    I read that the caiques love to stay on the ground. Not on the head XD

  2. Mine likes to do this thing where if you give him a treat, like fruit or vegetables he will shake his head and throw it if he's in a mood lol

  3. I also have a blacked capped caique and oh lord has it been and experience. As a baby he as quiet and sweet but still full of caique personality. But now hes three and id but him in the same category as a conure in loudness. I think alot of your content was spot on however i differ in apartment. I would never recomend for an appartment.

  4. Hi , my nAme is Samantha and I️ recently came into owning a ten year old caique named kiwi that I rescued from a bad situation , I️ love him but never handled birds before and it’s my goal to give him the best life , any tips on beginners guide , I️ am in The process of learning how to handle him right now bc I️ want to be able to give him the best life

  5. What a great video very informative! I would love to own a parrot myself but I never dared to commit to it yet. I really love intelligent animals and I can be very consistent with training them, but I am also a scatterbrain and lose interest after a while which is very problematic in such a situation. I think I'd love my bird too much to lose interest but I can never be sure 🙁

  6. I am planning on getting a Caique next year.  Thanks for the video, very informative and nice bird!

  7. i love this parrot on yr shoulder too much …he is really nice and lovely ..
    (sheezo vlogs – 17 pets owner)

  8. Does their behaviour change if you have a pair of them? Especially if you're gone all day and can only give them attention in the evening? Can you leave their cage open while you're out? Love your little caique:D

  9. I have a black-headed caique, Buttons, a male, who is about 10 years old. He IS very stubborn and like your little girl, makes what I call piggy squeals when they don't get their way or you are trying to take something away from them. They certainly are VERY high energy! As for talking, it varies. The first thing Buttons learned to say was 'what are you doing?' because being a mischievous caique, we asked him this question a lot! Then one day he walked up to my chest, looked at me and said 'I'm Buttons.' It blew us away. We NEVER say that to him. We say there's the Buttons, he's the Buttons…but HE seems self-aware by referring to himself as Buttons! He also says 'what are you doing to Buttons' when we do food and water (he is one of four various parrots we have). If you are doing something to him that he doesn't like, he will say stop, but he seems to have his own accent and it comes out 'schtop.' He will also say 'what?' when you ask him a question sometimes and he will also say 'right' when you ask him some questions. He is my little monkey and I love him to pieces!!! I wish you a lot of luck and happiness with your little girl!