White bellied caique Personality & Behavior

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  1. I saw one playing under a newspaper at a pet store once! So freaking cute

  2. Great video!
    I've got a black headed baby parrot for almost 1 month now, he is 19 weeks old. Really smart parrot

  3. I know what he wants. He wants to get off of her and play with all that variety of items on the table.

  4. i have a jardines that plays too much. adorable, but painfully adorable. bigger stronger beak than a caique.

  5. You described our white bellied caique to a T! Amazing how consistent their personalities are. And as with most parrots, the more time you spend with them, the better. These little jokers are particularly demanding, but very much worth it!

  6. We have a 4.5 month old White Bellied Caique and he is quite the little handful. I wouldn't change a thing about him though. He is sweet, adorable, energetic, and above all, HILARIOUS! Quite the different personality than our 11 yr old Amazon. Thanks posting this video!

  7. It would be impossible to have one right now since I still live with my parents (I'm 17), and we have dogs. I think it would be way too dangerous to take that risc. But I am seriously thinking about having a caique one day! (Or two of course.)