Wild Amazon Parrots in Orange County Ca.

A huge flock of wild parrots show up in the big city.

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  1. damm dude thats a lot they come in my tree in december and they will stay in there all day its really cool and the yellow headed parrots live around in my area

  2. I live in Orange and we have a large flock that passes over our house early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Love them! They are loud so I run to a window to look for them. One of our neighbors caught one and clipped it’s wings and caged it. So sad.

  3. A combination of both, I understand, but it STARTED with pets being released about 35-40 years ago (which mated/bred in the wild and mixed with adventurous green parrots from Mexico); we’ve a huge flock in Northern (Orange) County, one in the South of O.C., and another near me (on the border of Newport Beach, CA); the other day a cacophonous flock of them flew over the house and scared the hell out of all the magpies (which was funny).

  4. I counted 21 of them Sat., in my W. Fullerton neighborhood! Sure they are someone’s escaped pets, but what a treat to witness something so tropical in our local.

  5. Are these birds native?  I thought they were introduced to this environment by accident…

  6. in florida they reproducing fast, soon they will overpopulate…

  7. Great video…but can’t stand this cackle!!! Everyday at 5:30 am outside my bedroom window!!!! I’m so tired of this …please fly south for the winter …ha ha

  8. Just saw about 15 of them in my backyard in Lake Forest! So Cool!

  9. فديو رائع جدااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

  10. wow what a wonderful video!!! love to hear the sounds of the birds!!!! So many in one place is not a common sight

  11. just saw all of them in my backyard about an hour ago. pretty awesome.

  12. i adopted my red lori amazon shes 20 years old and she was free. i love her so much

  13. one of them sounded like my parrot when i let him go ):
    i miss him badly

  14. VERY Cool Video! Where did you shoot it? I would love to see the flock!

  15. We found a wild green-cheeked amazon and he’s been with us for 16 years and he’s still a bit hard to handle. He’s fun to play with, but he still bites.

  16. I guess it’s one of the benefits (the very FEW) of living in So Cal with its mild climate, palm trees and lots of food sources.

    If you want a good pet parrot, you must get a VERY young one that has been hand-fed and raised.

    Wild-caught parrots just don’t make good pets. They do make good breeders for pet babies, though.