World Record 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes – Kili Senegal Parrot

World record parrot tricks. Senegal Parrot performs 20 parrot tricks in just 2 minutes:

1. Wave
2. Nod
3. Turn Around
4. Target
5. Wings
6. Shake
7. Hello
8. Climb Rope
9. Coin Drawer
10. Piggy Bank
11. Flip Card
12. Bowl
13. Play Dead
14. Slinky
15. Fetch
16. Somersault
17. Basketball
18. Bat
19. Slide
20. Ring on Peg This is an article commemorating 1,000,000 views for this video and shares answers to common questions about how I made the video.

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  1. omg! It s amazing! even more with the liquid tension experiment 🙂

  2. How many tries, time and training did it take you for the bird to do all these tricks?