X-Rated,Talking parrot, swearing parrot, George, Hilarious

My Mad parrot george swearing and talking,

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  1. Parrots start talking like their owners so it can tell you a lot about them 😛

  2. Lol. I would love to get one. But I have a Severe Macaw and a crazy blue quacker. Talk about the mess they make. WoW it can be over whelming at times lol.

  3. I love the sounds … its sounds like he is hitting a xylophone

  4. lol that parrot is awesome have some company over and all you hear in the background is “SHUT UP!”

  5. I love it!! “Ouch get out”! Shut up Hello! I love your parrot!!! It’s hilarious LOL!!!!

  6. This parrot is not fit to lick rubys boots. If she wore boots that is.

  7. I WANT A PARROT!!!-3 but my mum won’t let me have one cus she doesn’t like birds in the house…or hamsters,gerbils,rabbits etc:(