Yellow Headed Parrot

http:/ The Yellow Headed Parrot. A brief overview of the Yellow Headed Parrots habitat, habits and species traits. Contains informat…

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  1. why say “yellow headed” and show pictures of the blue fronted amazon? diminished credibility here, Professor.

  2. My Blue-Fronted was a sweetie, took her time to bond. Did it by finally climbing on to my chest, clucking like a chicken, bounced about and down and then turned out and opened her vent. She screamed some but mostly when I was on the phone. Never bit anyone. I could handle her any way I wanted. She was bonded to me and that was it. She was so easy that now I’m afraid to try another bird. She recently died from internal bleeding after 25 too short years.

  3. this guy is stupid when t comes to the diet for fruits he puts a citrius fruit that parrots will get sick if they eat it

  4. why are you speaking about yellow-headed amazons, but showing photos of blue-fronted and orange-winged (distinctly different species)?

  5. Nice video with some good information. I have been the caretaker of a Double Yellow which is mostly likely a Tres Maria for most of my life. He came to be with me when I was about 11 and he was 10. We are now 34 and 33 not that we care about such numbers. It’s sad that he was a wild caught bird but we are life long friends if that makes up for it.

  6. nice vid! i love how you say: yella, and doubleya lol’ (yellow, w) 😛