YoYo – Talking African Grey Parrot – Another Bathroom Practice

Another video of YoYo talking while in the bathroom. He recently learned (still practicing) a Korean song named “Nobody” from Wonder Girls and a random about lions in Kenya.

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  1. Talkative african grey parrot for adoption. due to our relocation and expectancy of a new born baby, we have decided to look for a pet loving family to adopt and love our parrot. she is 2years old a combination of brains and beauty. she is a great talkative and can produce up to 50basic English words and sing songs in English like jingle bells and happy birthday. contact us if you are able to give her a loving home. kindly contact us at – vanessataila0@gmail.com

  2. Always has been my favorite African gray parrot. What a fantastic bird and so talented. Got a lot of his singing voice!

  3. He sounds so much my Mandee Bird. She passed just short of 20 yo from liver disease. Yoyo says many of the same things that she used to say but in a deep male voice. Its funny. She used to do the phone dialing and convo too. Everyone would say, aren't you going to answer the phone? The "phone" was Mandee Bird!