For this video, I talk about 12 common mistakes that bird owners make! No one’s perfect and I’ve made a few of these mistakes myself! Parrot ownership isn’t easy and we’re bound to make some of these common mistakes.

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    23 replies to "12 COMMON MISTAKES THAT BIRD OWNERS MAKE | Parrot Ownership"

    • @Aisenheim

      Good stuff. Get her a flight suit aka diaper. That way you can let her fly around for a bit. Keep an eye on them though, cable materials are delicious for them.

    • @hasnaatsaeed4

      No they automatically fly off my shoulder to poop and come back

    • @garymcguire8529

      Never feed your bird Avocado .

    • @garymcguire8529

      Birds live in the here and now, so don't tell them off, for something they did 2 minutes ago!

    • @cinnerfication

      Thanks for your information I have a new 7 week old parrotlet and he is a biter he goes for my fingers my face I ignore him because he’s a baby but I don’t know what to do there are some things I still have to do to mark it safe for him to fly around, so we have play time in my bedroom. I feel I’m letting him down

    • @little1133

      We got my parrot's wings clipped when we got her because we wanted her getting used to the house and us separate from learning to FLY around the house. They're two big things and we didn't want her or us to be overwhelmed. She's grown back all her flight feathers and she is flying stunningly!

      She is such a biter. Interestingly, she bites harder when she's playing than when she's mad at us. I don't think I've been properly but (in an aggressive way, she bites me because she can all the time) she usually gives a nip. She has bitten my parents because they're the ones that grab her and stuff when we really need to get her out of the situation. Basically, they're being the bad guys until she's recall trained and proofed enough to not need to be grabbed out of situations.

    • @rosacarrasquillo2584

      Why do my green cheek burn? Bites every time me and everyone

    • @mariavyxkyloves

      Nice thank you for sharing

    • @missdamary

      Do you have any thoughts about keeping birds together. We have two new birds, and we're not sure if to put them in a cage together.

      They do meet outside the cage.

    • @vinny184

      I always take off all jewelry when my bird is outside its cage. I never trained him to fly to me, but for some reason when startled by something he immediately flies to me or his cage, whichever is closest. From the moment I got him I didn’t treat him like I would treat humans or dogs etc. When he misbehaved I would either scream ouch when he bit me or just ‘punished’ myself by standing in a corner and ignoring him. Instead of grabbing him and putting him back in his cage to punish him. I used to do that with my previous birds and it just made it into a game to see how far he could push boundaries. Because he knew he eventually would be let out again. But right now showing that he upset me emotionally, he will stop whatever mischief he’s doing and fly to me, maybe to cheer me up or say sorry in his kind of way. This works so much better. Birds don’t understand or care for punishments and I’ve heard punishing them even in harmless ways will encourage resentment and more bad behavior. They’re very smart and emotional beings but we need to stop the anthropomorphism, they have a completely different way of thinking and processing emotions to us humans.

    • @user-ut5dk7rl4w

      What do you do if you offer the bird a different diet but they just won't eat it

    • @treedeblue

      Awesome video can you give the name of a good pellet mix I could give my GC?

      Thanx! 😊

    • @kedar1102

      Ok I have one problem now 😀 I have rounds sticks omg I have to go NOW

    • @jackwoods9604

      My Bird Cage For Bella & Buster is Open From 9am Til Like 1am at Night…They Hang out on Top of Cage and The Big Dresser its on…I Treat Them Like Gold But its Been Like 2 Years and They STILL Will Not Let Me Touch Them…Any Thoughts to Why?

    • @themishmish101

      I fed my bird red pepper, and he died overnight .

    • @user-mv9oq5vj9k

      I have the exact pairrrr same, the look exactly same

    • @AugustMcLaughlin

      So helpful! Another mistake we learned the hard way is making sure they get plenty of restful sleep in a dark, quiet place. When we shifted to 12 hours of darkness at night for our last bird, her behaviors and hormone issues improved so much.

    • @jennyhan3864

      Hey guys, please help me out here! Im thinking of getting a cockatiel in a few months, but I can't find any pellets around the pets store in my country. What should I do? Is there anyy replacements? Can my bird have a veggie seed diet? (I do know they cant have an all seed diet)

      Any replies would help me out so much so please comment

    • @nmrowdy4605

      It's ironic that you are listing mistakes that lead to obesity. Green cheek conures average weight is 60 to 80 grams. Your bird weighed 83 grams. You need to keep an eye on that.

    • @invadertifxiii

      i watched other videos explaining biting is supposed to be accepted and pulling away or saying owe is bad

    • @richarddesimone960

      , I've been feeding seed mix for 13 years. My parrot hasn't had any weird health issues. If you buy low quality seed then yes it's not good

    • @zalkifil2719

      Your each video is very informative.

    • @jamesvspokemon6459

      Why did the birds in the intro look like Jaiden Animations birds(Ari and Tofu)

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