I just kept this stand on a Public Park with free access to all people and What made me more happy was when i went to refill the food next day, i saw someone had [More]
Parrot falls very funny | cute bellied caique #parrot #shorts
And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to… Steven Steal-bird! RELATED: Gospel-loving owl dances along to church choir https://youtu.be/BmUp19F7M2U A kea parrot in New Zealand nabbed a visitor’s GoPro and took it on a flight. [More]
Listen to the Kea Parrot call, sounds and song of New Zealand. #shorts #parrot ~ Who We Are? ~ 🌐 Website: https://kiwigrubbox.com 🚚 FREE Shipping Worldwide | 100% NZ Owned & Operated 🤟 📦 KiwiGrub [More]
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