Using A Minecraft Command to ‘Trap’ This SMP 10 likes? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Socials: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not Minecraft But, Lifesteal SMP, PvP Legacy, Dream SMP or Parrot, Spoke and ClownPierce content this is the Deadliest School [More]
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Boo literally loves plastic coffee cup lids and wants to share the joy with Misha. Or court Misha. Or show off. I’m not sure why my goffins cockatoo keeps acting like he’s going to shove [More]
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My conure parrot is back home from the parrot hotel. He has spent the past week in a parrot hotel because his mommy and daddy went on holidays so Elvis went in the care of [More]
Rosella parrots are very beautiful, cute, funny. Rosella are one of the most preferred parrots at home. They sing extremely loudly and is also a type of parrot that shouts when angry. Rosella parrot also [More]
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