talking parrot | African Grey Talking Parrot At Karnataka Congo African grey parrots for sale are well trained, hand fed, and vaccinated to date with shiny black beaks, and bright red tail feathers. African grey
Music: Entertainment Musician: Alexander Nakarada URL: License: #AfricanGreyZaky #watereffect Adorable Zaky has a beautiful bond with family. Play time! Zaky enjoys bread !! Absolutely delighted to see the little birdie play #CongoBird #ZakyAfricanGrey [More]
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Lafeber Pet Birds webinar hosted by Laura Doering, former editor of Bird Talk magazine and Birds USA magazine with special guest, Brooke Durham. Brooke talks about SoCal Parrot, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility near San [More]
Is the City of San Diego Exterminating Wild Parrots and Native Wildlife while cutting 100-year-old Historic Palm Trees at the peak of nesting season? Ocean Beach is home to the endangered Lilac Crowned Amazon, Red-Crowned [More]
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