tote ko bolna kaise sikhayen mitthu ko bolna kaise sikhayen mitthu tote ko bolna kaise sikhayen,bolna kaise sikhayen parrot ko bolna sikhaye sabse ashan tarika garmi mein tote ko kya khilaye parrot foods summer parrot [More]
❤️ conversations with my parrot 😍 ll 😘 मिट्ठू के साथ बातचीत ll बोलने वाला तोता #Indianringneckparrot Indian ringneck parrot talking like a human parrot speaking mitu mitu मिट्ठू मिट्ठू बोलने वाला तोता cute Indian [More]
Throwback.. Do you remember me hooman? We are just adorable American Dilute and yellow sided babies Everyday is a party at just beaks aviary where there are cute parrots goofing around having fun partying, playing, [More]
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