Mummer has a fascination whenever I have new clothing on. He loves to chewing holes. I had to find someway to distract him from it!
In today’s masterclass we are dealing with a very aggressive green wing macaw. 🌱WHAT TO FEED A PARROT ▶ 🐦DIY PARROT TRAINING ▶ 🦜MERCH: 📞BOOK A CONSULTATION ▶ 🌿ALL NATURAL PARROT [More]
I AM GIVING AWAY MY HYACINTH MACAW TO A FAMOUS YOUTUBER! Today Kylye from Kyle’s Toys & Games came to visit us. To his surprise I had a big surprise for him that he will [More]
DEAR CVP’s! FIRST TO REACH ME IN FREE FLYING RACE WINS! We teamed up with @Kyle’s Toys & Games for an epic free flight race! Who will win? My bird HOPIE or KYLE? Watch Kyle’s [More]
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Синелобый амазон[1] (лат. Amazona aestiva) — птица семейства попугаевых.
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