How to Bond and Tame a Scared Cockatiel | Tame cockatiel | Hand tame | Cockatiels | Parrot | Bird Welcome to my channel KING BIRDS CARE, i love Birds, im trying to make videos [More] Who shouldn’t get an African Grey Parrot? What are reasons not to get an African Grey? African Greys are relatively quiet, don’t take up a ton of space, have potential to be great talkers. [More]
DEAR CVP’s! RESCUING MY RAINBOW LORIKEET BIRD THAT GOT TRAPPED INSIDE A WASHER! My baby bird Angel was missing. And my husband notice that a sound was coming out of the washer. We needed to [More]
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White Cockatoo Dancing and Sing a Song Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo, parrot, parrots, bird, birds, funny, pet parrot, talking parrot, parrot trainer, cockatoos, cockatoo talking, funny videos, funny birds, cockatoo tantrum, cockatoo [More]
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