Australian Parrot – Colorful Australian Parrots – Australian Parrot Eating Food FA TV is a youtube channel related to the Pets, animals, and Fishes. We upload Fishes and other pets & animal videos here on [More]
They are from the tropics – these green parrots are actually from South America (specifically Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia) and are called Monk Parakeets or Quaker Parrots (the term “parakeets” just refers to smaller species [More]
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El Loro kea tambien es conocido como uno de los pajaros mas inteligentes, compitiendo con el cuervo y otros loros. La inteligencia y mentalidad de este loro nativo del Sur de Nueva Zelanda. De gran [More]
ខ្មោចពិបាកជាងមនុស្សទៀត | short film and comey Ming li kea. #ក្រុមវីនរះថ្មី
Parrot School