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再生リストからもご視聴頂けます! ズグロシロハラインコ【パルム】4歳の女の子です。 Black Headed Caique ☾Palm☽ 2018.11.30🐣♀ [オフショットなどをPostしています] ✽Instagram ✽Twitter [Subscribe↓チャンネル登録はこちら] 一言でめっちゃ面白いインコさんです…! ぴょんぴょんしたり見ていて飽きませんꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*) 犬や猫のようで破天荒なやんちゃ娘! 絶叫が日常…そして「ガハハハ!」と笑うw 疲れ知らずのマッスルガール! 今は飼い主のストーカーもしています𖤐´- トコトコ歩いてついて来るのがとても愛おしいですꕀ♡ #シロハラインコ#ズグロシロハラインコ#インコ #中型インコ#コニュア#ニギコロ#ぴょんぴょん#パルム #caique#caiqueparrot#blackheadedcaique #conure#parrot#parakeet
He straight-up corrected me about the wall bro. This guy is nuts. 2y/o Apollo’s first time answering “GLASS.”, he could say “glasscup” for a while, separating them took forever. Apollo is our 3y/o African Grey [More]
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Zaky shares a little something to show love and affection towards Mommy 🙂 Adorable Zaky has a beautiful bond with family. play time is fun time! Here Zaky is enjoying eating a treat Zaky is [More]
#shortsfeed #africangreyparrots #shortsvideo African grey parrots are highly intelligent birds known for their ability to mimic various sounds, including human speech, whistling, and even music. With proper training and socialization, an African grey parrot can [More]
Exotic Parrots, Shirazi Piegon, Doves, Love Birds, Texture Colored Body Birds, and other Nayaab Nasal birds Lalukhet Birds Market. Exotic birds and parrots are known for their vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and engaging personalities. These [More]
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