Symon is a female Congo African Grey Parrot who lives in a cozy country home with her parents, Chris and Sheila, and her two parrot siblings, Mickey and Sunny. Symon is an outgoing and talkative [More]
Talking Parrot 🦜🦜|| African Grey Parrot || #talkingparrot #africangreyparrot #parrot INSTAGRAM: – Original video :- Our others channel please subscribe :- I hope you all enjoyed the video! Do let me know how [More]
Good breeding pair #parrot #trending #shorts African grey parrots
Embark on a sensory journey with our breathtaking video, “Sounds of the Savannah: Sunset Symphony with African Greys” Immerse yourself in the world of these majestic birds as they paint the horizon with their enchanting [More]
Welcome to my channel, where I aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for the diverse world of animals across the globe. Here, I engage and captivate the attention of animal enthusiasts of all ages, fostering [More]
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