Turn your cockatiel into a true musical star with our whistle training! In this video, we dive into Boom’s enchanting “How Do You Do” theme, providing hands-on training to teach your bird how to play [More]
Join adorable Cockatiel Emerald as she enjoys a tranquil bath, spreading happiness with her adorable splashes and joyful chirps. Witness the beauty of nature as Emerald revels in her peaceful moment. #CockatielsCraze #BathTimeBliss #TranquilEmerald #CockatielsCraze, [More]
The Wonderful World of Parrots #viralshorts #nature #birds Welcome to “The Wonderful World of Parrots”! In this video, we will explore the fascinating and colorful world of these intelligent birds. From their vibrant plumage to [More]
Species: There are around 393 species of parrots. They are found in tropical and subtropical surroundings. There are 3 different families of parrots: the Psittacoidea (true parrots), Cacatuoidea (cockatoos), and Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots)1. Eating [More]
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