Hey parrot fans! Today’s video discusses the question of if allowing our pet parrots to sit on our head is OK or not? It’s a controversial subject, but one worth talking about! If you’d like [More]
Remembering BiBi _ Lembrando BiBi #greencheekedconure #pyrrhura #greencheek #aves #birds
Extremely Beautiful Bonded Pair of Congo African Grey Parrots (Red Breasted Hen Bird X Normal Cock Bird) in Supreme Health and Feather Conditions Dna done (Jan 2013) along with Sexing Certificates available for sale in [More]
The Kakapo parrot is as kind as a cat and smells like honey 🦜❤️#youtubeshorts #shorts #animals #viral #fyp
Talking parrot says “come here baby” in the cutest way #Shorts
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