This adorable video features a hilarious white-bellied caique parrot named Dexter stealing the show – and a rose! Watch him strut into a party of budgies, lovebirds, and finches, grab a flower, and fly away [More]
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Zipper, the White Bellied Caique, during one of his moments. PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE ❤
Get ready to laugh out loud with Dexter, the clown of the bird world! 🦜🤡 In this hilarious short, Dexter, our white-bellied Caique, goes into a toy frenzy when a curious conure tries to steal [More]
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Let me introduce you to the comical life of the only parrot in the world that can’t fly because it’s too fat. That’s the Kakapo from New Zealand, a creature that defies all survival norms, [More]
Get ready to be amazed by Alex the Parrot, the extraordinary avian genius who can fluently speak the human language and solve complex puzzles! In this fascinating video, you will witness firsthand the remarkable abilities [More]
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