Learn about the 3 most overrated and 3 most underrated things you can get for your parrot! There are lots of parrot supplies that you, as an owner, will need to take care of your parrot or parakeet. However, some things you just don’t need while others you did not realize were so important. This video will tell you why these items are overrated and help you find better alternatives.

Perches, Full Spectrum UV Lamps, Treats, Books, Water Bottles, and Acrylic Toys will be discussed in this video. Which ones do you think are overrated and which are underrated? Watch to find out.

Full Spectrum bulbs are supposed to provide UV light to simulate natural sunlight for parrots. Treats are fun and essential for training. Water bottles dispense water. Books provide information about parrot keeping. Acrylic toys are indestructible and often provide foraging opportunities, perches give parrots a place to stand in their cage. Find out why 3 of these are totally overrated and why 3 others are underrated parrot products.

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    17 replies to "3 Most Overrated and Underrated Parrot Supplies!"

    • Parrot Wizard

      You can find my specialized, totally not overrated, parrot supplies for your parrot to enjoy and enhance your parrot keeping experience at

    • Victoria the green cheek conure

      I use a dowel perch but only at the bottom and she never sits there

    • clay hamilton

      Partot Wizard you are the man! Thank you for bestowing all your great parrot knowledge on us! 🧙‍♂️👍🙏

    • hadi the legend

      your videos always make me smile michael 🐦 💜

    • Alsaice

      I have found the full spectrum bulbs to be helpful because I live in an apartment and practically everyone who lives here smokes outside (because they aren't allowed to smoke inside). So I am afraid to take my birds outside because at any time, someone could start smoking and I don't want them breathing any more contaminated air than they have to. (I also have an air purifier in my apartment for this reason.) Even if I open the window for a short while, chances are good that within 15 minutes I'll start smelling cigarette smoke, and I hate it, because I like having the window open when the weather is nice. When I finally get a house, I'll definitely bring them out in their carrier when the weather is warm enough!

      I also tend to get more plastic toys (but not acrylic toys) than usual because my birds are Bourke's parakeets and they seem to be really fond of things like beads and unusually-shaped plastic pieces. They like putting their beaks on things and moving them around with their tongues, but they don't usually break them (they can break through small beads over time though).

      And gosh, you're right about the perches. It's so hard to find good perches that aren't teeny tiny especially perches with small diameters!!! I'm really lucky one of my local bird stores has a lot of natural wood perches that they custom-make because I don't know what I'd do without them!

    • Richard Bird

      i enjoyed your video,,, pros and cons,,,underrated vs overrated. I dont feel like products are being pushed on me. i have given my budgies those treats and they were all over them. but most of it ended on the floor. definitely overrated. i do give my parakeets and parrot bottled water because city water can get contaminated by bacteria, and we will be warned about it. but it may be too late and kill your expensive birds. I like having a lot of different perches, but I think the wooden dowels can be repurposed. I have some crazy hack ideas like cutting and drilling them and string the pieces together for a bird toy, or screwing on a natural limb that would just clip onto the cage?

    • Jinling Hou

      Great! I need get more perches then! Thanks for the video! Very educated and helpful!

    • Karol j.

      I thought my conures cage had too many perches… glad I didn't over do it

    • Charlize Alcoy

      hahaha so true about the perches. I just bought a conure and cage barely had two default perches that came with it and a twisted knot thing and the bird has struggle getting across the cage

    • Hoa Đặng Thị Hồng

      Hello l vy l foom Viennam

    • Holly Fisher

      It should also be mentioned that some species like to cram food into the nozzle of the water bottle. I love using water bottles for my birds, but my green cheeks have done this and it means the water can get gross much more quickly. They've also clogged the valve so that no water comes out at all. The best solution I've found is the simplest one, which is to check the bottles and clean them and the nozzles daily, which is still better than the 3-4 times a day when they make soup!


      Hey Micheal, I am a 14 year old parrot enthusiast and ever since i was 8 i have loved birds. i got my first budgie when i was in the 3rd grade and because of my fathers allergy, i could not keep him. Recently, he overcame the allergy and i am looking into adopting a macaw. i have done lots of research and even bought your book. So all I am asking is if it is a good idea for 14 year old me to get a macaw, even though I have school , and I dont really have the rest of my life planned out. It would mean a lot if i could get your advice on this. Thank you!

    • curryqueen

      Back in the 90s it was already known that rodents don't drink as much water as from dishes. I highly doubt it's different for parrots as the way to drink is very different from how they drink naturally. Bottles should always only used as a backup, NEVER as the only source of water! I'm shocked this is not common knowledge by now. And for cleanliness: It is WAY harder to clean these bottles properly than stainless steel dishes.
      Your comment about uv-bulbs seems also weird? You can measure how long UV-light is emitted and that's why they need to be changed after a certain amount of time. Taking parrots outside for several hours everyday is nearly impossible for most owners. And considering how different fresh food looks for parrots with and without uv-light, should they only be fed outside? They are basically colorblind without uv-light. Of course natural sunlight is best, but a 10 minute walk with a parrot in a travel cage doesn't do much.
      I'm ALWAYS happy to learn, but so far I can't find any scientific backup for your claims? I'd love to read the research if you can provide any links or name the DOI.

    • Marco Reyes rojas

      I saw a video you posted 10 years ago of training trewman.

    • Yamuna Sivyer

      Can you use water bottles for budgies ?

    • noblelement

      I agree on the water bottle, however it is VERY IMPORTANT that there is a dish below the nozzle, as it may drip even when used correctly. The constant standing water over time can eat through the powder coating and cause rust spots.

    • helen gregory

      Hi Michael, Do you have a contact in England? Also would appreciate any advice as I am totally blind and have rescue birds. Your channel is really supportive. Wonder if there is an email address.

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