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    27 replies to "50 THE African Grey! Ruby, The Swearing Parrot X Rated Parrot 43"

    • Great British Scarface

      I like her chicken song.

    • Glen Page

      Very clear at 3:53 especially.

    • Glen Page

      I LOVE RUBY!

    • Soviet Russia 12345
    • Lisa G

      I love Ruby & Nicks voice and their laughs are contagious. I watch a video almost everyday. No matter how many times I see them I laugh. I hope Nick & Ruby are ok.

    • Soviet Russia 12345
    • Brian Madden

      I love Ruby she's so funny i almost wee myself when I watch her

    • Samantha Bridgewater

      Ruby and nick are so funny 😂

    • Isabella Jimenez

      Is it me or does this guy sound like gopher

    • Law of None
    • Ineeda Spellcheck

      Great. Bird to be a greeter in the local church

    • Chad Smith

      fat Bullock's

    • Fariz Vector/Cozmo

      5:41 Bullocks

    • Fariz Vector/Cozmo
    • Kenny Boi

      3:00 I kinda like that part idk why

    • Fariz Vector/Cozmo

      10:00 Ruby made nick laugh hard

    • Fariz Vector/Cozmo
    • Kenny Boi

      0:39 idk why but I like the tone of their voices

    • Fariz Vector/Cozmo
    • Great British Scarface

      8:03 What a funny noise.

    • Sauron191

      The shit cunt bollocks, Fat bollocks and oh dear nearly makes me sick with laughter!! Hahahahaha!

    • Great British Scarface

      D'y wann egg?

    • ufcluvbtch Trump

      Love greys my favorite birds. Best talkers. Funny and unique personalities. Ruby hilarious and great relationship with her best friend.

    • J-MAN

      The leg! chick chick chicken.. Fuck off!

    • ik jij

      Also in love with this two special couple

    • ManUnited Fan Forever

      noise makes Ruby jump
      Ruby: “Do a poo!”

    • amurican35

      Fat Bullocks. Nick goes off. "OOoohh Dear!" Can't stop laughing.

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