Warning: He says “peekaboo” a lot.

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    20 replies to "8 Minutes in the Life of a Talking Green Cheek Conure"

    • @nativedreamcatcher3544

      My pineapple conure coco says over 100 words

    • @THEJohnPork12

      My green cheek conure can say "Funny Bird" and yell "right here"

    • @Karenm1969

      My green cheek is 10 months old and doesnt talk yet; how can I encourage him to do so; or train him ?? Trello is adorable !

    • @JoeannaMuniz

      How u made it to talk

    • @sandmoirben7177

      he has so much to say, he is a little chatterbox, so sweet!

    • @unicornj1

      They are messy birds!!! I have a green cheek conure, think he is a pineapple or cinnamon cheek conure. He is 1 1/2 yrs old. Doesn't talk much. How long have u had your bird and how did u get him talking? I talk to my bird all the time. Trying to get him to say I love you, and what's up. I play peek a boo with him, say that all the time.

    • @scrane5500

      Birds are simply amazing–just another reason for me to not eat eggs (as I have a family history of Cancer the choline in eggs is the other). Charming bird–thank you for sharing

    • @AndiGalpern

      Are his wings clipped? They look odd.

    • @jaimegonzales7015

      I have a hf pineapple line

    • @lastlight4252

      My green cheek also says "You're so cute"… "Good baby" "You're sweet" and "Yada yada yada".

    • @fungirl2840

      Something about Trellos dad voice makes me hot👩🏾‍🦰

    • @mj6962

      Does Trello have a little cloth or something near a perch and side of the cage where he can sleep? Conures love to wedge up against something to sleep. Not something they actually go INTO, but just like a cloth or something they can kind of lean up against and hide to sleep.

    • @mj6962

      And turn the heat up for your poor little cold child!!! Lol he’s cold!

    • @mj6962

      And sir, where else is a better place to poop than in the CRACK?! Bwaahahaha!

    • @mj6962

      I think these Yellow Sided Green Cheeks are some of the most beautiful birds in the world! My Sadie was a Yellow Sided. I miss her dearly! And i especially miss her telling me “I love you!” All the time. And her adorable little pink feet! But I recently got a 3 month-old male Crimson Bellied Conure. His tail is shorter than yellow sides, but their red bellies turn absolutely breathtaking!



    • @coco-te1op

      How old before a green cheek will speak. . I have a 3 month old one who mimics syllables but that's as far as he's got. He's not clear like yours . Maybe he's too young just yet?

    • @yankorestovic243

      How long have you had your Conure.

    • @kolin0919

      How is trello doing? I haven’t seen you guys in a while?

    • @RickHowell89

      My little black-capped conure goes psycho on NBC those balls. I try to get a video of it and he ends up g OJ ing into "statue" mode.

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