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    6 replies to "9990 AS Psychology – Pepperberg (1987)"

    • Glou Zen

      Can you post the AS videos of most studies before the CAIE please

    • no one

      can you please upload all your videos on organisational psychology and abnormal physiology? i have an exam soon

    • Ronghai Zhang

      Love to see re-uploads! ! ! Expecting for new vdieos for other experiments !

    • Stefanie s

      are your videos back up?

    • n i n a

      i passed my exams last year with a high B with a ton of help from watching your videos, and im just rewatching them again bc honestly ive always love psychology and i hope to take it again it in the near future!! once again thanks a lot for yours videos, really appreciate your time and effort 😀 !!!

    • Captain Dugog

      Thanks for the re-uploads, your videos helped me get a B in psychology.

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