Mr Personality 🙂 Hes a comedy Show for sure.
It’s time for an update on my adopted budgie Violet!!! (Formerly known as Pablita). Today I show you the steps I used to bond with and tame her. When working with a bird the most [More]
Many of you guys have been asking me to do a video on taming birds, so here it is! Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for taming a skittish bird. DISCLAIMER: Yes, my [More]
Kea in Fiordland National Park takes GoPro for a flight. “To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please contact”
Finally I’m back again with another trick training video! You guys all wanted to know how I taught my birds to wave, so here it is. Wave is a simple, cute, and impressive trick to [More]
Bruce lost his beak in human trap. He now uses stones to live his best life. #kea #parrots #animals ******************************************* You Love Animal Videos? Subscribe To Us Here: Watch Other Popular Videos:​ – [More]
In this video i am covering exotic birds Blue & Gold Macaw, Red & Green Macaw and Moluccan cockatoo at Karnataka Aquarium . Macaw Parrot Price in India | Moluccan cockatoo price in India | [More]
Mom put on Christmas music and Trello started singing to it. Since he was being social, Mom decided to record it. Like us on Facebook: #birds #parrots
This is what happens when Dream joins the LifeSteal SMP! Dream SMP or Lifesteal SMP! Should Dream join the Lifesteal SMP, or will Parrot be mad! Not If tommyinnit joined lifesteal SMP, or Dream joined [More]
The Cockatiel habitat is explored to make this video. These birds are crested like a cockatoo but have the slender lines of a long tailed parrot and fly like a swift parrot. A previous video [More]
The Verheuls were the victims of a feathered kleptomaniac who stole their GoPro camera. Subscribe to 1News: | Join the Seven Sharp team for a fresh perspective on today’s stories. WATCH WEEKNIGHTS 7PM ON [More]
Here is a video on how to introduce dogs and birds to each other! Introducing dogs and birds to each other will require training, supervision, and precautions. Before introducing your bird to your dog, it’s [More]
Releasing Caiques Parrot To There New Breeding Setup || Colourefull Exoatic Bird\Parrot Aviary. I have Macaw Bird budgerigar bird Love Bird sun conure green cheeked conure pine apple conure yellow sider conure cocktail monk parakeet [More]
New Zealand is the home of some of the most interesting flightless birds in the world and none is more unique than the Kākāpō, the worlds largest flightless parrot, but how did it evolve to [More]
Here is an excellent tip to help you provide the best for your parrot or other pet bird. Visit these links below for more great products and resources for your companion birds. Healthy Diets [More]
And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to… Steven Steal-bird! RELATED: Gospel-loving owl dances along to church choir A kea parrot in New Zealand nabbed a visitor’s GoPro and took it on a flight. [More]
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