Eclectus Parrot Releasing At Open Aviary / Most Beautiful Bird In The World. Thanks for watching this video. Hope you like this video. Our Website- To Get Membership- Follow Me on Instagram – [More]
Bobo loves her bath so much that she has become quite the diver. She loves to belly flop and splash about. She had already earned the nickname of “The Grey Cannonball” due to her awkward [More]
I found this adorable Tic Tac Toe game at the dollar store and thought it would be great to teach Jasper. Since he already can do a 12-piece puzzle I knew this would be a [More]
Rio 🦜 is our family pet. He talks a lot and we love him ❤️
Watercolor for beginner – painting by the Bad Artist! Speed Painting of a Sun Conure along with trivia, jokes and crazy fun. Please, like, Subscribe, comment and share with your friends! Thanks for the continued [More]
kiwi regarde le train sur le dos de madame
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Tonie the Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot talking
Eli sings and talks first thing in the morning
Parrot’s First is a rescue that has been there for the parrot community and now they need our help! So many people are coming into hard times and for many different reasons are having to [More]
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