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Parrots and Birds, Stock footage by Alex Finessi. For any informations contact: or visit
Just a quick video on fluffy enjoying his nice bath. Tip: Quaker parrots don’t like a lot of change in their bathing routine, so it is best not to change the bath bowl they are [More]
African Grey Parrot Zazu falling down from a dryer
9-month-old Jackson the Maine Coon and 10-year-old Cali the Umbrella Cockatoo are the best of friends. This is so awesome to witness! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email with Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry brings you Dr Ross Perry’s advice about the suitability of Harrisons High Potency Coarse…
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Parrot ko hand tame kaise kre Please like and subscribe our Ganesh. You can also see our old video of PAPAN talking “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” CALLING “MAMMY PAPA” Talking “I LOVE YOU”, “KISSING” [More]
Jasper LOVES to play, especially tug of war. I think he’s part dog haha. Subscribe to my playlist for more Jasper videos, and my other social accounts for other Jasper updates! Instagram – Twitter [More]
Title: New Zealand crowns chubby parrot bird of the year || Godhuli News BD Image Credit to: AFP,Reuters ,Getty Images, EPA, News and Video collected from BBC. Credit goes to BBC. New Zealand crowns chubby [More]
New Zealand’s alpine mountain parrots will shred your car in minutes if left to it Answering viewer questions about all sorts of things related to Kili, Truman, and Santina.
In this video I talk about what goes into owning a parrot on a daily and monthly basis! If you’ve been considering getting your first parrot and are looking for that “beginner” bird check out [More]
Maple loves bonking things to make sound! Here’s a short video of her being silly 😀
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