मिट्ठू खुद बताएगा उसको क्या-क्या बोलना आता है 😄👌 bolne wala tota cute Parrot conversation #shorts #viral तोते को बात करना सिखाएं ये वीडियो दिखा कर #Parrotconversation #Talking_parrot Bolne wala tota Mitthu Tota baat na [More]
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Mango the White Bellied Caique seems to have personal issues with one particular broom.
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The birds and I made the first care video on the channel, which is about General Parrot Care. Your parrot should have a cage where it’s tail, wings or crest …
Male Moluccan Cockatoo Age 6years #birds #parrot #cute #tiko #pets #birdlovers #cockatoo #karachi #animals #breeder
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