African gray parrot speaking english & spanish

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Jessica Olivera says:

“youre so dirty, cochino pajaro. I’m gonna smack you”

kreeblesoft says:


PeggySue011 says:

Hi, I must say I am astonished how much this bird can talk. He is unbelievable. How do you teach a parrot to talk that way? Bilengual as well I just can’t stop admiring it. I just reserved my Congo African Grey and it will be ready in 3 to 3 1/2 months to bring home. I am taking all advice I can on how to train my parrot to talk. How old is the bird and at what age did it start talking? How about when it’s time to go sleep? Do you cover it up and turn off all the lights?

maoellisto says:


Fokifika1 says:

LOL funny!!!! I like this bird!

ebluz says:

This bird’s vocabulary is amazing!

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