Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) waking up in the wild. Excerpted from Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots, for full length and full quality, check out or for more info on the plight of Grey Parrots in the wild, help save these wonderful birds, please visit:

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    30 replies to "African Grey Parrots waking up in Cameroon"

    • Lotus Flames

      Winston my CAG loves this, he is only 14 weeks old!

    • SteppingStoneProduct

      Parrots are funny, natured birds!

    • zuzugirl4ever

      I played this for my 42 yo grey. He shakes with excitement, like “my people!” Makes me sad. He was a wild caught out of the nest in Africa. Broke his wing so he couldn’t fly.

    • ammarthecandybar1

      i love African gray parrots. their my favorite bird and my parents got one before i was born when she was 6 months old now she is 13 now. it was born where i was born orange burg, south Carolina. her name is chiku. also i got over a hundred fish

    • magee01

      No chance.

    • darkvor1

      can an african grey raised in captivity be turned free with these birds and survive?

    • themalina92

      I hope people stop viewing parrots as pets and realize they are better off left in their outside homes.

    • amzi4eva

      this is cool

    • GAkeloGA12

      oooooo i im watched this video with my two parrots ^^

    • Voiceofcameroon

      The president of Cameroon (Paul Biya) must stop his illegal logging that is destroying the Cameroon rain forest. We need videos like this one to show the world the beautiful nature of Cameroon.

    • hotcommentator

      Not true. My husband and I loved our baby equally, and now she loves us both and either of us can handle her without being bitten. I’m her mommy and my husband is her daddy. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  But she hates my son, ha-ha!

    • hotcommentator

      It’s strange on my part as a parrot owner. These guys in the wild live outside, in the rain and the cold as much as the wind and the sunshine, yet I worry like crazy about my parrot being outside when it’s windy or cold! She shakes in the cold weather, yet these guys just make do!

    • RazDaz2000

      Lucky I got amazons yelling up a storm some of them communicate by making souds the city uses sirens is one of them some also dance if people bounce there head up and down

    • kikuthebird

      omg very cute!i wanna have african grey but they say its a 1 man bird only

    • FellowTraveller

      5 stern und favorite danke

    • werecatgirl

      oh! Where do you live? I’ve always wanted to see Greys in the wild!

    • Tawarf91

      its soo weird seeing them in the wild…

    • parrotsdotorg

      Really, where are you in the world?

    • birdsinart

      super cool ,i have a wild one roosting in my palm tree outside….i think it is a she..but we communicate eveyday..:)

    • orangeworx

      heheheh seriously :D

    • galeritaelenora

      Can’t wait for my PollyVision bundle to arrive. This flock loves to watch wild guys.

      Namesake feels under-represented and hopes to see some yellow crests on Pollyvision II.

    • jmn2806

      great to watch , my african grey loved it, he got quite noisy , which is great to see, now i know hes happy as he acts like the ones in the wild if not more happy , thanks

    • 1TigerBird

      I used to hatch and raise Greys. Had 3 breeder pair next to the bedroom. Each morning was like waking up in a jungle. It was so cool! Check out the vids of my best talker TigerBird…

    • BluBel123

      Imagine all those singing & talking at once

    • bandgeek1321

      o man i wish i could see african greys in the wild that would be so cool

    • cagsforme

      Someone should do a documentary on wild CAGs. Thanks for posting these,my 2 CAGs loved them too.

    • niqi1

      wonderfull to see them in their natural habitat.

    • parrotsdotorg

      Super, thanks for the feedback. It’s been really fun to see which parts of PollyVision the birds respond to … usually it’s their own species, not surprisingly. They’ll watch the rest with mild to moderate interest, but then when “their” birds are on screen, they get very excited! Thanks for sharing.

    • zulusmom

      my greys love the grey part on the polly vision video you have of the greys in the wild the best. They call back to the tv.

    • logom0

      Good video, where was this filmed?

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