Amazing Basketball Birds Full Court Basketball with four Parrots! Outrageous! Fun! Like no other! “2 on 2” and “1 on 1”

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    50 replies to "AMAZING BASKETBALL BIRDS"

    • DakkarFezboul

      Who win? 🙂

    • Allen Allen


    • marie-josée ayotte

      so cuuuute and funy i was laughing a lot !!!

    • mcdulliscool

      dem dunks.

    • Влад Цуркан

      Jako – the most talkative parrot in the world!!

    • littlebirdchannel


    • sweetprofileman

      The defense could use some work but they got a chance..

    • Myuzaki

      koby aint got nothin on them

    • anthony de la cruz

      1:58 is the best crossover I’ve ever seen 😀

    • Brenda valle cubas


    • afont40

      Epic travel penalty

    • singindarwin


    • singindarwin

      I got one beer on the Grey

    • singindarwin

      I want to see a free throw

    • RevooRalph


    • HamdyTheBEST

      what the

    • zandyshow


    • Anette J.T

      Love it!!!!

    • sue2chen8

      l’d like to know the background music name ^^

    • MrR3drumX

      Eclectus win handsdown!!!!

    • ZCzym DoLudzi

      Lepiej niż drewno 😀

    • Jesus Sanchez

      1:27 is like the best part thats is my opinion

    • fullentics

      Larry bird

    • pixi frog

      nice grey

    • pixi frog


    • Paolo Sarnoo

      0:38 “And One nigguh add it to the score board”

    • TheGrimArcher

      That joke went right over your head didn’t it

    • SuperBily2009


    • Kirk Daillest

      i would put bets on teams with my friends if they were my of course ill have it rigged so ill

    • cjat2224

      0:52 defense !!!! defense !!!!! defense !!!!!

    • suicidaldominatrix

      They play exactly the same as 2012 NBA ! no defence, travel all the time,
      give them a heat singlet ! can someone say 2013 MVP?:)
      my penis videos are sick

    • Alex Baez

      1:11 no jump ball?

    • 123ogge456

      How do you train him. i mean i want to teach my bird to put a ball in a mini basket.
      How do you make him do the thing in the first place.
      Because if he would puts it in the basket i click the clicker and give him the treat
      but you know how would he ever know what to do???

    • Shakurrean Johnson

      They all can dunk like bosses

    • glen soto

      do you sell the babies if u mate them..i want to mate my congo african grey

    • sophie jolie


    • oaksy

      where’s the defence??

    • TheGrimArcher

      Are the refs blind? Look at all those fowls!

    • valeriestorm

      Today I learned something new I did not know this parrot existed

    • gatos2403

      The gray team is the Best !!! jajaja

    • IkmusicTV

      “Hei Chris bosh! I found ur cousins”

    • Philip Mondy


    • Ashykate604

      Where did you get the little rings from?

    • emilyNfrends

      who wins?

    • sweetchkz

      That is very cool!! I have a long way to go with the parrots..

    • alex87950


    • SuperBily2009

      0:50 nice defense

    • 13wolfy13

      how’d you teach them to do this?

    • iiiRollSushiii

      you’re so awkward with the comments, dont try to be funny.

    • Hannah Sunshine

      I just have one question… who won?

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