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Exotic Parrots 8K #shorts #ytshorts #youtubeshorts

Amazing Facts About Parrots
1. There Are Around 393 Species of Parrots
There are lots of different types of parrots out there, most of them are found in tropical and subtropical surroundings. There are 3 different families of parrots: the Psittacoidea, which are known as true parrots. Cacatuoidea, which are cockatoos and Strigopoidea, which are New Zealand parrots.

2. Parrots Eat With Their Feet
All birds have amazing grip but only the parrot is able to hold food up to their beak while eating. They can grasp onto their food with one foot and then move it up to their beak so they can nibble on it. In fact, parrots eat very similarly to how we do. Their fleshy toes act a lot like how human fingers do.

3. Most Parrots Can Imitate Sound
Parrots imitate sound so that they can fit in with their surroundings.
These social birds don’t like to feel like they’re missing out, so they mimic sounds they hear around them to communicate. They don’t have vocal cords as humans do, they use the muscles in their throats to direct the air differently, which allows them to mimic sounds such as a ringing phone, creaking door or a barking dog. If you have a pet parrot then it’s likely that they’ll pick up on certain words and phrases that you say. If a parrot says “hello” when you enter the room, then this is because it’s made an association between the action and the word.

4. Parrots Can Live For Over 60 Years
The bigger the parrot the longer their lifespan usually is.
For instance, the African Grey is known to live well beyond 60 years of age.
Macaws usually live between 25-50 years, while medium-sized parrots commonly live between 15-20 years. Pet parrots commonly live longer than wild ones because they have fewer threats from predators and diseases. The lifespan of a household parrot is around 30 years, with many exceeding this.

5. They Mate for Life
Once a male and female parrot get together, then they generally stay together, even outside of the breeding season. The only time they go their separate ways is if they fail to produce young, or if their partner dies. It’s down to the male parrot to woe the female. He does this by a courtship display, where he parades, dances and makes different expressions and sounds to impress her. They forage together, groom each other and sleep next to each other. See Also: Black Palm Cockatoo Bird: What You Need To Know

6. They Have Strong Beaks
Parrots are known for having a curved beak, with the top part of it large than the bottom. It’s advisable not to place your fingers anywhere near a parrot’s beak (unless you have a very close bond with them) as they are extremely strong. The largest macaws have a beak so powerful that they can crush a brazil nut and even break open metal cages with it.

7. A Baby Parrot is Called a Chick
Chicks are born with a thin layer of down on their backs. It’s 2 weeks before they start to open their eyes and see the world for the first time. Most parrots lay their eggs in a nest, although some choose to lay their eggs in tree holes, ground tunnels, and rock cavities.

8. Parrots are Omnivores, Which Means They Eat Both Meat and Veg
Parrots love seeds and could happily munch on these all day long. Their strong beaks making cracking open nuts easy peasy! They also eat flowers, fruit, and insects. Even though they’re omnivores you don’t need to feed your pet parrot meat, as they’re more than happy with yummy fruit and veg. In fact, the more colorful the food the better. Some of the fruit and veg you can give your parrot are mango, pumpkin, asparagus, papaya, and bananas.

9. They’re One of the Most Intelligent Birds
Parrots are known for being smart creatures. Not only are they capable of mimicking human speech but they can also add, subtract and understand the meaning of zero. Parrots are smart because they have a brain neural circuit similar to primates, including humans. Scientists believe that parrots have the same logic as a 4-year-old human child.

10. Parrots Lay Between 2 to 8 Eggs at a Time
The incubation period lasts between 18 to 30 days. Both parents take it in terns to sit on the eggs. At 3 weeks old they begin to develop their feathers but they don’t reach adulthood until they’re between 1 to 4 years old (species dependant). See Also: Amazing Fun Facts About Eagles

11. In India, it’s Illegal to Keep Parrots as Pets
In India parrots are classified as a wild species of bird, therefore it’s illegal to cage one.
Anyone caught breaking this law could find themselves facing a fine and up to 6 years in prison…ouch!

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