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Chica, our Double Yellow Head Amazon parrot loves to talk & show off…here she is hamming it up once again.

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sydney porter says:

how much was she, i think i want one.

James A says:

I have the same exact cage. I bought of amazon 4 200$

sjlove2bird says:

Love her! Right around 2:25,… I think you need to consult an exorcist!

siewmj1 says:

lol, that is funny lol and cute

erinPepe09 says:

He reminds me of my amazon parrot 🙂

sue345sue says:

Chica is a real show off…aren’t they great?

Angie64856 says:

Chica is Great! Thanks for posting. My Chloe does Not like the camera at all. I wish she were more of a ham as she is a funny girl, too!

LittleDoveLeia says:

Brrrriiinnggg! love it!

clochette67 says:

cute Chica… making noise like a very old door !! LOLLLLLLL

sue345sue says:

Thank you…she is quite a little clown & very cuddly & loving.

shantee4 says:

I just love the growl…and the phone ringing!! My Ben would LOVE her!!

sue345sue says:

Thank you, Chica is a smart little gal as well…funny the Amazons all have the same little voices & sounds..xxoxoxo

runwiththewild says:

Oh Gosh , He Meows, Just Loke CharlieO , LOL Love you ChicA

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