“Amazon Greens” as these parrots are frequently referred to by the public at large, have been kept as pets by Europeans for hundreds of years. They are colourful, highly intelligent and all have the ability to speak in the human language. In recent times, the destruction of their natural habitat of Central and South America for logging and mineral recovery has meant many species being pushed toward extinction.

Fortunately enlightened and dedicated aviculturists worldwide have begun to aviary breed these delightful new world parrots in ever increasing numbers.

In this programme covering all 27 species and many of the 48 sub-species, the complete basic principles of keeping and breeding Amazon parrots is accurately and simply explained, including:

– Rare & Endangered Species; their wild origins and general overview

– House & Equipment; aviaries, nest boxes, perches, sprinkler systems, ionisers etc.

– Diets past, present and future – the myths exploded!

– Working with incubators and related equipment

– Clubs, Societies and Publications of interest to Amazon lovers

– Interview with Loro Parque creator Wolfgang Kiessling

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