Apollo Wants to Eat bugs | Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot

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Presenting some crickets to Apollo to see if he wanted to try some.

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Simmie Davis simmie sings says:

Poor baby he stay hungry

Ley Ask says:

Вам 0 папугаю 👍👍👍👍👍👍😪👍

Pink Nintendo DS Lite says:

African Greys are so neat I love them. went to a wildlife park with a massive bird enclosure, had a nice chat with one 🙂

Натали Васильева says:

О,мои любимчики.👍💋🐦

Lol says:

I didn’t forget about “suck”

statelessfgc says:

I heard "this is a court"

Sean Bryant says:

Ok honestly how expensive is it to take care of a parrot?

Silverfoot says:

Crickets aren't bugs, Apollo. Good on you for acknowledging that

Yakub says:

Apollo will own nothing and he will be happy

Thomas Marzec says:

This is a bug. It’s a bug.

Ellen Hornick says:


Daveeraps says:

I know this comment will go unnoticed but keep me in your prayers please. I used to have 5 brain tumors, but now I have only 1 left to go. In the past I became deaf, and also started having seizures. If you’re reading this I hope things get better for you and your family. One love. 💜

kiaelinkx says:

Imagine when you realise parrots are literally just repeating shit and can’t associate it with an object. Is like the video where it’s raining and he randomly says: glass metal it’s a bell metal.

Sharon says:

I heard him say softly bugggg

A C says:

Ok understood, give him 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

That one guy who does stuff on YouTube says:

🦗🦗🦗 Apollo: I need it…. Nvm “bugs” Apollo: I NEED IT

spiltmilk27 says:

I just love how Apollo always asks what things are. Such cool little guy.

May Suri says:

What is this?🤣🤣

Gloria G says:

Let Apollo eat bugs 💕😍
People eat them all the time 💕😇💕🤣💕😃💕😍💕😋

Censortube says:

They're called bugs and they're suffocating

WeFadeToBlack says:

Whats this? He is just so curious

Patrick Glaser says:

Klaus Schwab approved

Lady Jane says:

Relax person off camera!

Lana Anynamewilldo says:


Brandi Celestini says:

He’s like do you want a cricket ? Then the bird says “of course!” lol too cute

factenter says:

I wonder how many time he must repeat bugs until the bird says bugs when he sees them

Johny No Way says:

poor bugs…

Stefanie Jaye Burns says:

Why correct him if he’s right? They are crickets, aren’t they?❤

A Lowe says:

Did he say of course?

The Frozen Octave says:

I honestly would love for him to say the word "PROTEIN."

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