Archie the Cockatiel Shops at The Bird Store ~ Look at Our BIG Haul of Bird Toys & Treats!

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Archie the Cockatiel, Tootles the Canary, and Evie the Caique all went to the bird store, Varietees! We got lots of toys, treats and supplies after a long drive to the store. The bird store is so big we didn’t get footage of the whole store! They also have a big area of cages and several aisles of food. We also got to look at some baby birds in the baby room! Plus, I had to make a pit stop for a little something for myself! What is your favorite item that we got at the store or your favorite part of the video?

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Seven says:

where I live finding a bird food is a miracle 😵‍💫 Wish I could go there one day

Just Julie says:

Pardon the ignorant question, I don’t know much about birds but how do you not worry about your bird potentially not flying away? Especially your Cockatiel? Or are they the type of birds that do bond with you without that worry unlike a Budgie?

Twilight Moon says:

Birds are super expensive!
Is there anyone can tell me the cheapest cocktail birds store any city anywhere in the US?

Siamese says:

Really good vid thanks! <33

Sketchalater says:

Wowee that is bird toy heaven!

starriq says:

In what city is that shop :O

MarciaBOB says:

omg that bird store in the beginning was the best I've ever seen in my LIFE. No joke. I'm still so shocked at the quality of literally everything in there. and it looked so nice in there as well! I wish we had shops like that here in Baltimore 😞

Fathuhiyya moosa says:

Where did you go

Abby Walker says:

Oh St. Louis! I live a few hours away. I’m planning on getting a rescue cockatiel located in St. Louis 🥰

Ana Bluebes says:

Where is this located?

Hellen Baker says:

Omg I go to that bird store I love it there!

Latoya Monday says:

how much was your cockatiel 0-0

Romeo says:

How much you pay for your bird

M2 says:

What brand is that carrier for your cockatiel

Jebby Momma says:

This gave me so many ideas of toys to buy for the babies … I think I’ve watched this video over 4 times just to see the toys lol

Feather Beautiful says:

woww! That store you went to has A LOT OF STUFF! I literally have to get all my toys online. So jealous!!

Parrots Life 4 Me says:

Such a fun video!!! I am going to have to get some toys with paper rolls for MIlton!! And that cute little mahogany one with the flowers! So stinking cute!!! I need to make a trip to that bird store!!!!!! Such an awesome selection!!!

Parrots Life 4 Me says:

Awwwww Yay!! Thanks for the shout out!!! Milton LOVES crunchy munchy!!! Archie will too! And it was the 1st toy Isla went for in her cage!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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