DISCLAIMER! Don’t actually sleep with your bird; https://birdtricksstore.com/blogs/birdtricks-blog/why-you-shouldn-t-sleep-with-your-bird. Although Capri fell asleep with Lefty, I make sure he sleeps on a playstand.

Due to the all the cuddling – Lefty started regurgitating for Capri so we had to put a stop to that. It was hard for her to break the cuddle habit of making a dark little cave with her hands over his head, and sometimes she was petting down his whole back… beware of hormones; https://birdtricksstore.com/collections/another-3/products/spring-hormones

LEAVE ME A COMMENT – should we start with TALLEST TO SMALLEST OR SMALLEST TO TALLEST? Do you want to see Capri “coach” another kid through working with birds??

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BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    22 replies to "Are Quaker Parrots Cuddly? | Quaker Parrots as Pets"

    • skyboundpilot

      Notice how she doesn't "like" any YouTube comment that talks about Capri keeping Lefty? That makes me sad that she isn't planning on letting her keep him.

    • Alice Valensi

      Please take lefty in. Don’t separate Capri and him from each other. I really hope you find a way to make that possible!! ✨

    • Anna Dapzz

      I aspire to be a crazy bird lady someday.

    • Amy Cohrs

      omg Lefty's progress always hits me right in the feels 😭

    • Itzel O

      Wait is it ok to touch ur birds back and kiss him? Somone plz reply

    • LottaTroublemaker

      What a great plan you have❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️👏👏👏👍 And Capri, you’re doing such a great job, amazing, actually❣️❣️❣️👏👏👏👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌

    • Mr. Potato

      I have one and he is the sweetest thinggg!! He's kinda shy and I think has a stress problem bc he poops a lot but a towel and love is all he needs! The only parrot we've had to be nice and not bite i love him so much!l!! Btw his name Reggie

    • Patricia Letort

      Good job Capri! Just like your parents!

    • Michael W

      Your daughter is adorable!

    • AWeerheim

      I love how you explained the hormonal thing to Capri. Also how you mentioned to the viewers that it's a sexual stimulation while she was overhearing it. I think it's better for her to hear the whole thing although she might not understand it completely, than to be awkward about it. Great parenting.

    • Kaylin Langevin

      Please do a video on HR2863 TEAPSPA (federal animal ban). This could ruin so many animal educators careers/businesses and be devastating to the future of animal and environmental education efforts. So few people are talking about it and if we don't ban together and do something it may get passed. Could possibly affect your shows since you travel and include animals in your acts.

    • Daisy Garcia

      Awwww I also have a Quaker parrot and she also loves it when I scratch her head 🙃

    • Myojin Yang

      Smallest to tallest

    • Lantern Apocalypse

      It was pretty funny watching you delicately explain to the little girl that she shouldn't sexually stimulate the bird. Well done.

    • Angels

      Jamie, Capri is beyond amazing and this bond is beautiful to watch! Keep Lefty for the love of God! Much love xxx

    • JollyJoker Pansy

      I can't even! Thank you for sharing such a sweet and tender relationship with us! Great job Capri!

    • butterball

      That's her birb. She is his hooman. You better keep them together 😊

    • Vilified

      Awwww these 2 are so dang adorable

    • Eduardo A. F.

      lol this parrot behaves like a dog

    • Sienna Burke

      I just want to adopt them lol

    • Existing In Paradox

      Hello 😊 QUESTION: I’ve been considering a bird and decided to do research first. I’ve been binge watching your videos and LOVE your material. Thank you for what you do.

      My question is what does it mean when the birds are puffed up? I’ve read that it’s a sign of being cold or ill, are there any other reasons or a way to decipher if it’s cold or illness? And lastly, are there specific breeds you recommend to a beginner?

    • Chris Klemens

      I miss my quaker. I had him for years, lost him in an incident during a move. I would try not to actually fall asleep with him for safety's sake, but his favorite thing was snuggling into the cleft of my neck and taking naps.

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